Modern Fish Market Sebagai Landmark Kampung Bahari Tambaklorok, Semarang

Lukito, Muhamad Pangki and , Dr. Rini Hidayati, ST, MT (2019) Modern Fish Market Sebagai Landmark Kampung Bahari Tambaklorok, Semarang. Skripsi thesis, Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta.

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So far, the city of Semarang has become a model for other regions, especially in the implementation of Smart City to improve the regional economy. The Smart City implementation of Semarang City began in 2013. Then, the Semarang City government began building network infrastructure and free wifi at 2,300 points in 2014. In 2015 and 2016, the Semarang City Government strengthened the Smart Society by launching a non-cash payment system tested on Bus Rapid Trans Semarang, toll roads in Semarang, shopping at Supermarkets, Taxes and Levies, Cafes and Restaurants as well as social assistance. Through the leadership of the Mayor of Semarang, the tourism sectors of Semarang City are growing and developing, so that the City of Semarang which was once a city of trade and services has now transformed into a city of tourism.Tambaklorok village is the largest fishing village in the city of Semarang which is now being developed into a maritime area or modern settlement in Indonesia. This village is located right on the outskirts of northern Semarang City which directly borders the Java Sea waters, precisely on the banks of the Banger River. The development of the Tambaklorok Marine Village into a maritime area will make it a new tourist destination in the city of Semarang which can bring in local and foreign tourists. There are several problems that exist in Kampung Bahari Tambaklorok where most of the population are migrants from various regions who settled in Kampung Bahari Tambaklorok. At first the population was urbanized in order to get a good livelihood, but due to limited quality and inadequate ability in employment, the population chose to work as fishermen and laborers living in Tambaklorok Marine Village due to economic limitations and close to livelihoods. This causes the poverty level in Kampung Bahari Tambaklorok to increase because the wages of the fishermen and laborers are very minimal. In addition, environmental conditions are very unfit and are often affected by rob even though the cost of repairs due to rob is very high while the economic conditions are difficult. To support the creation of the Marine Area or a modern fishing village that is ready to accommodate tourists, facilities are also needed that can become a visual symbol of the characteristics of the memoriable Tambaklorok area. So that the Modern Fish Market is designed to be able to support the Marine Region or the modern fishing village of Kampung Bahari Tambaklorok as a landmark and to accommodate activities such as loading and unloading the catch of fishermen, fish auctions, fish processing, restaurants and other supporting facilities. These activities are expected to support a better economic community. But to realize the building on the sea side is not easy because of the many factors such as high sea waves, abrasion and land subsidence that occur. For this reason the approach with the principles of environmentally friendly waterfront architecture needs to be applied.

Item Type: Karya ilmiah (Skripsi)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Kota Semarang, Ekonomi, Kampung Bahari Tambaklorok, Modern Fish Market
Subjects: N Fine Arts > NA Architecture
Divisions: Fakultas Teknik > Teknik Arsitektur
Date Deposited: 24 Jan 2019 01:44
Last Modified: 24 Jan 2019 01:44

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