Tafsir Al - 'Izzah Menurut Muhammad Ali Al-Shabuni Dalam Kitab Shafwah Al-Tafasir

Wibowo, Muhammad Mujaddidi and , Drs.Saifudin, M.Ag (2021) Tafsir Al - 'Izzah Menurut Muhammad Ali Al-Shabuni Dalam Kitab Shafwah Al-Tafasir. Skripsi thesis, Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta.

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Muslims are commanded to have 'izzah, broadly 'izzah (derived from 'azza-ya'izzu) meaning glory, strength, victory or power, the instructions to achieve it all ('izzah) have been completely shown in the Qur'an. However, the majority of Muslims’ perception towards the standard of 'izzah varies, even some have deviated, the current standard of 'izzah is seen from property, rank and position. They assume success is measured from a temporal side, so that sometimes it affects one's views and attitudes towards others and becomes a benchmark for one's glory or strength. The benefit of this research is to provide understanding and knowledge that 'izzah in the sight of Allah is not measured by property, rank or position. The existence of property, rank and position must be based on a perfect understanding of the 'izzah itself, so that the Islamic community tries to achieve it in the right way and only expects it from Allah ta'ala as the owner of that glory, not expecting it from the possessions or positions it has. This study aims to open up understanding and knowledge of the perfect 'izzah and understand the meaning of 'izzah more deeply according to the context/theme of the discussion in the verses (of Qur’an) which contain the word al-'izzah in it according to Muhammad Ali al-Shabuni. This research data collection method uses documentation method with type of literature research using the interpretation of Shafwah al-tafasir by Sheikh Muhammad Ali al-Shabuni to describe the understanding of al-'izzah in the Qur'an. The conclusion of this study is based on the explanation of Muhammad Ali al-Shabuni's interpretation, the term al-'izzah broadly means glory, strength, victory or power that can be mentioned in the context of good or bad. Allah mentions the majority of the verses of al-'izzah in themes related to the aqidah (belief) that is straight to Allah ta'ala, without it, surely the glory, the victory, the strength and the true power are impossible to obtain. So the relationship between aqidah and 'izzah is very close. A Muslim's viewpoint of the 'izzah that he hopes will affect how strong his belief in Allah and His promises. al-'Izzah is listed in 14 verses in the Qur'an, it can be understood with several meanings in Indonesian: (1) Glory: mentioned in 6 verses, namely Surah Hud: 92, Surah Maryam: 81, Surah Al-Naml: 34, Surah Al-Kahf: 34, Surah Fathir: 10 and Surah Al-Shaffat: 180. (2) Pride: mentioned in 2 verses, namely Surah Al-Baqarah: 206, Surah Shad: 2. (3) Strength: mentioned in 4 verses, namely Al-Nisa': 139, Yunus' letter: 65, Al-Syuara': 44, Al-Munafiqun: 8. (4) Firm (hard): mentioned in one verse, namely Al-Maidah: 54. (5) Greatness: mentioned in one verse, namely the letter Shad: 82.

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