A Study on the Caretaker Speech Found in Nanny 9ii

Hariati, Tati and -, Prof. Dr. Endang Fauziati, M. Hum (2020) A Study on the Caretaker Speech Found in Nanny 9ii. Thesis thesis, Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta.

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ABSTRACT Tati Hariati, S200100024: “A Study on the Caretaker Speech Found in Nanny 911”. Thesis: Department of Language Studies of Graduate School of Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta. Communication is an important thing for people. To make good communication, they have to know first with whom, how and what should they talk. This principle should also be implemented when adult want to talk to the children because talking to adult will be different from talking to children. Dealing with this matter, the writer is interested in studying the speech talked by the caretaker to the children. This way is called as caretaker speech. In this study, the writer is interested in studying the caretaker speech from the reality TV show, Nanny 911 from the Finck Family episode. It has three objectives: are to describe the speech act of the caretaker speech, to describe the attention getter of caretaker speech, and to describe the language form of the caretaker speech. This study applies qualitative research. The data source is Nanny 911 reality show from the the ninth episode of The Finck Family consisted of four videos. The data is the caretaker speech. In data collection techniques, this study employs documentation. To ensure data accuracy, the researcher asked for help from two English lecturers (expert judgement). The technique of data analysis is done inductively where data were analyzed descriptively. To analyze the data, the writer the steps of data reduction, data display, and verivication drawing. The results of this study are as follow.First, the speech act in the caretaker speech found in Nanny 911 is dominated by commanding act (24,7%). It can be seen that the caretakers often order the children to do things. The data also contains many informing act (17,8%). The caretakers inform to the children about how to do things. Then it is followed by describing (12,3%) and forbidding (12,3%), praising (8,2%), promising (6,8%), offering (2,7%), threatening (1,4%), regretting (1,3%), greeting (1,4%) and regretting (1,4%). Second, the attention getter type is dominated by the use of names and exclamation (41,2%). Besides, there are also found the use of high pitch voice (23,5%), and whispering (35,3%). Third, the language form, it can be seen from word, phrase, clause, and sentence. (1) For word, it is devided into noun, verb, adjective, and adverb. Based on the noun types, the caretaker speeches mostly use concrete and countable noun. According to its function, nouns are mostly as subject of the verb. It reaches 63%. For the noun form, there are only plural and inflectional form. The number of plural inflectional is more than possessive inflectional.Based on verbtypes, the frequent of verb be and being is 56%. It is the most dominant one among the verb types. For adjective, there are determiner and descriptive adjective. Among the kinds of determiners, the use of article the is the most dominant one. Then the use of descriptive adjective, mainly it uses adjectives included into feeling category. For its adverb, it is dominated by the use of adverb of intensifying adverb. (2) For phrase, the use of verb phrase is the most dominant than other phrases. (3) For clause, there are only two dependent clauses. (4) Based on its sentence, declarative sentence is the most dominant one.

Item Type: Karya ilmiah (Thesis)
Uncontrolled Keywords: caretaker speech, speech act, attention getter, and language form.
Subjects: P Language and Literature > PE English
Divisions: Fakultas Pasca Sarjana > Magister Pengkajian Bahasa
Depositing User: Tati Hariati
Date Deposited: 29 Feb 2020 06:43
Last Modified: 29 Feb 2020 06:43
URI: http://eprints.ums.ac.id/id/eprint/82197

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