Strategi Humas Polres Wonogiri (Deskriptif Kualitatif Devisi Humas Polres Wonogiri dalam Memperbaiki Citra Polisi terhadap Kasus Tertangkapnya Anggota Polres Wonogiri Memakai Narkoba)

Rahmawati, Hesti and , Budi Santoso, S.Sos, M.Si (2018) Strategi Humas Polres Wonogiri (Deskriptif Kualitatif Devisi Humas Polres Wonogiri dalam Memperbaiki Citra Polisi terhadap Kasus Tertangkapnya Anggota Polres Wonogiri Memakai Narkoba). Skripsi thesis, Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta.

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The Wonogiri police station is a police institution that deals with law enforcement. Wonogiri Police Public Relations is tasked with providing information to the public about policies that will and have been taken by the Wonogiri Regional Police and establish good relations with the public, related to the recovery of the police image after the arrest of two Wonogiri police officers who used drugs. On this basis, this study aims to determine the public relations strategy of the Wonogiri District Police in improving the image of the Police in relation to cases of Wonogiri Resort Police officers who use drugs. This research is a qualitative descriptive study with data collection techniques used, namely in-depth interviews and literature studies. Sampling with "purposive sampling" technique. The results showed that the efforts made by the Wonogiri Police Public Relations in recovering the image of the police in the eyes of the public, namely by the way the Wonogiri Police Department sanctioned heavily, in this case the person concerned (JK) was tried in the District Court and sentenced to 1 year 8 months . IST initials for not being proven to take drugs, were sentenced to postponement of rank for half a period or 6 months, and during that time were under surveillance. The firmness of the Wonogiri police station against its members was informed to the public through various media, both print, electronic and online media so that the public would know about it.

Item Type: Karya ilmiah (Skripsi)
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